5 comments on “Pastor Benny Hinn and Paula White’s adultery?

  1. GOD bless Benny Hinn amd Paula White. The media is always trying to perpetuate a smear campaign but true followers and believers in Christ know that we are to pray for our brothers and sisters who are ministers of the Gospel. Interceding for them constantly in prayer that they would continually be covered from the arrows of wickedness taht the enemy would use to damage their ministries or lives. Seek the truth and ask GOD for wisdom. Both of these ministers have touched my life through their seperate programs on TBN and other Networks and I just wish them both the best and pray that GOD would continue to use them mightily.

    • No matter whether you are a pastor or a doctor, adultery is against the core of trust on which a marriage is based. When you are an example to many, then you should accept the fact that the public will scrutinize your actions. I have no doubt that these people may have touched your life. As they say practice what you preach and walk the talk.

  2. family is so important,as ministers we need to handle the issues of our homes with spiritual maturity and carefulness. Remember the devils desire is to destroy our ministry through destroying our family.But as long as Hinn has admitted his wrong lets keep praying for him and other top ministers it could be any bodies turn tomorrow.

    • Yes sir. The “devil” wants to destroy your “ministries” and I’m fully in support of your “ministries” getting completely destroyed. Its people like Benny Hinn and the rest who manipulate people to part with their money so they can settle down in their multi-million dollar cushions. I hope they’re all destroyed so people who really care about humanity can set up better organizations to help the millions of suffering children in third world countries. What is Benny Hinn doing with his money? Buying private Jets? What did he give for relief?? $100,000? When he spends millions on his private Jet? This article proves that he’s an adulterer as well. The christian God doesn’t exist to the fraudulent practices of Benny Hinn and the rest can never be judged. But I certainly hope, that someday…people like him are given the right punishment here…on Earth

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