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How to Find a Good Divorce Attorney in South Africa

A life ruined by a poor choice of a divorce attorney is a real possibility.

Divorce in South Africa can be a very complex matter which requires a considerable degree of expertise on the part of an attorney. Divorces are tricky situations and should be handled with care. Your divorce attorney must understand the sensitivity of the issue. He should be compassionate and aim at resolving the case peacefully. People read in the newspapers about large divorce settlements and people will say the person must have had a good divorce attorney. It’s probably true, in all likelihood they’ve employed a high-powered, and very expensive, attorney who specialises in divorce work and know how to make the best of all the facts available.

Most of people, however, don’t have the deep pockets to afford that kind of legal representation in divorce or Family Court proceedings. But even for ordinary mortals, can a good attorney make a real difference?

The emotional context of a divorce is often built on feelings of loss, betrayal, humiliation, financial uncertainty, guilt, anxiety, the fear of losing one’s access to one’s children and loss of custody of such children. Too often, the process of bringing a divorce to a sensible  resolution is bedeviled by emotional factors, which, if not properly managed, can then be acted out in costly divorce wars. An attorney who has the necessary experience and insight into the psychological circumstances of the divorce in question, will be far more capable in assisting the client to “see the road ahead”.

The attorney must structure an appropriate and affordable service within the reach of the client. It is part of the job of an experienced divorce attorney to help the client properly access the financial resources.

Here are two points to consider:

  • Find an attorney who specializes in divorce, ideally within a law firm specializing in family law and divorce. An attorney who specializes in divorce (and has done so for some time) will have a greater depth of experience and expertise than an attorney who does not. This may seem obvious but there is a hidden danger. Unlike the medical profession, there are no rules and regulations governing when an attorney may or may not call themselves a “specialist.”
  • Look for a divorce attorney with extensive experience. Find a divorce attorney who has been practicing for some years and has practiced for many or most of these as a family law and divorce specialist.

DivorceAttorney is one of the specialist Divorce Law Firms in South Africa and also the first Virtual Law firm in South Africa who specialises in divorce and family law matters. Divorce Attorney goes beyond the constraints of “brick and mortar” law firms to provide excellent legal services both on and offline on a national basis at rates lower than those of conventional law firms. Powered by a sophisticated digital infrastructure, Divorce Attorney eliminates costs and minimizes environmental impact, while significantly lowering administrative costs and overheads. Divorce Attorney was designed to be better for clients.

Here’s how:

  • Better Progress Information: Clients have the ability to monitor the progress much more closely than conventional law firms. The attorneys enter their progress reports and drafted documentation weekly, and the information is immediately posted to a password-protected MyDA homepage. Where clients can view the running progress on a case.
  • Better Legal Cost Control: Where there were no agreement on a flat rate clients are given the ability to monitor their legal costs much more closely than conventional law firms. The attorneys enter their time at least weekly, and their time is immediately posted to your password-protected MyDA homepage. Clients can also communicate with us through the MyDA homepage.
  • Lower Billing Rates: Rates are less than the rates of attorneys with comparable experience at large law firms, due to our lower overheads.  They do projects on a “flat fee” basis if clients prefer.
  • Better Technology: Divorce Attorney have developed tools unique to the legal industry to connect with their clients.
  • Better Investigation Teams: Divorce Attorney have teamed up with formidable investigation agencies to obtain all the information you need for purposes of contested divorce cases.

For more information visit Divorce Attorney South Africa at http://www.divorceattorney.co.za for contested divorces or visit eDivorce at http://www.edivorce.co.za for uncontested divorces.

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