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Your job might predict the length of your marriage


Source: http://voices.news24.com/bertus-preller/2012/04/your-occupation-may-predict-the-length-of-your-marriage/

According to a study done at the Radford University in the United States people who are working in stressful jobs or extrovert environments have a much higher risk of getting divorced. While it is not surprising that marriages fail when spouses have jobs that demand long hours and unpredictable work cycles studies did find that a few occupations carried a higher risk for divorce than what one might expect.

One may assume that people working in extrovert environments like for example in the entertainment or hospitality industries, will obviously meet more people and have more opportunity to develop relationships with them but studies also found that people working in the nursing and caring-type professions have a higher risk of divorce than what one would normally expect.

There are many factors at play in the occupation that a person has. Your occupation defines the amount of hours you work, the mental toll it takes, and also the personality you may develop during the course of your employment and conversely, on may argue that the occupation you choose maybe a reflection of your personality.

It is believed that individuals who are habitually unhappy with their work often those in low-earning, low-skilled professions may transfer this dissatisfaction to their spouse and children. A frustrating job may lead to immature defences such as displacement onto others, especially one’s closest family members.

A recent study by the Florida State University College of Business that questioned 400 working couples on the health of their relationship and how stressful their daily life was found that when work related stress strongly affects a couple, that couple risks a deteriorating relationship unless they are willing to emotionally support each other. When you are still angry or upset from yesterday’s stress, your workday will likely go in only one direction – down. Whenever this type of stress permeates through a relationship, it either brings the couple together or splits it apart.

The study also found that not only does work stress at home affect a relationship, but it also makes spouses less alert and less focused at work.

The jobs with the highest divorce rate

Low divorce rates around 5 to 6% were reported for optometrists and podiatrists. Dancers (including the exotic variety), massage therapists and bartenders still top the list of occupations likely to result in divorce with a 38 – 43% divorce rate. Those who work in the evenings are a distinct disadvantage, because the marital friendship usually suffers, with ensuing significant loneliness.

The table below identifies that the highest divorce rates are for dancers, bartenders, and, all around 40%. The extroverted nature of these jobs may reflect a personality that is unwilling to commit.

The occupations with the lowest divorce rates (of less than 10%) mostly seem to be engineers.

Below is a list of some of the occupations and the corresponding divorce rates:


Divorce Rate

Dancers and choreographers 43.05
Bartenders 38.43
Massage therapists 38.22
Waiters and waitresses 27.12
Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks 25.94
Security guards and gaming surveillance officers 23.67
Sociologists 23.53
Social workers 23.16
Commercial divers 22.98
Emergency medical technicians and paramedics 22.75
Forest and conservation workers 22.69
Cashiers 22.5
Counsellors 22.49
Agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes 22.3
Meeting and convention planners 22.24
Property, real estate, and community association managers 22.12
Actors 22.08
Health diagnosing and treating practitioners, all other 22.04
Food servers, nonrestaurant 21.38
Taxi drivers and chauffeurs 21.3
Court, municipal, and license clerks 20.92
File Clerks 20.91
Cooks 20.86
Carpenters 20.85
Cargo and freight agents 20.82
Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists 20.58
Reservation and transportation ticket agents and travel clerks 20.45
Receptionists and information clerks 20.45
Medical, dental, and ophthalmic laboratory technicians 20.31
Chefs and head cooks 20.1
Telecommunications line installers and repairers 19.85
Office and administrative support workers, all other 19.85
Earth drillers, except oil and gas 19.78
Textile, apparel, and furnishings workers, all other 19.77
Transportation inspectors 19.76
Psychologists 19.3
Tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents 19.19
Insurance claims and policy processing clerks 19.18
Mathematicians 19.15
Driver/sales workers and truck drivers 19.14
Human resources, training, and labor relations specialists 19.1
Medical and health services managers 19.06
Butchers and other meat, poultry, and fish processing workers 19.04
Computer support specialists 18.93
First-line supervisors/managers of office and administrative support workers 18.93
Archivists, curators, and museum technicians 18.92
Office clerks, general 18.9
Health diagnosing and treating practitioner support technicians 18.71
Military enlisted tactical operations and air/weapons specialists and crew members 18.68
Prepress technicians and workers 18.66
Automotive body and related repairers 18.64
Electrical and electronics repairers, industrial and utility 18.62
Insurance underwriters 18.5
Sewing machine operators 18.5
Paper goods machine setters, operators, and tenders 18.48
Bus drivers 18.44
Photographers 18.23
Models, demonstrators, and product promoters 17.71
Couriers and messengers 17.69
Producers and directors 17.68
Financial specialists, all other 17.21
Other life, physical, and social science technicians 17.19
Real estate brokers and sales agents 17.17
Artists and related workers 17.13
Musicians, singers, and related workers 17.11
Helpers–installation, maintenance, and repair workers 17.08
Gaming managers 17.06
Stationary engineers and boiler operators 16.99
Retail salespersons 16.99
Engineering technicians, except drafters 16.97
Librarians 16.9
Dieticians and nutritionists 16.89
Child care workers 16.83
Other installation, maintenance, and repair workers 16.8
Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians and mechanics 16.75
Designers 16.74
Logisticians 16.73
Human resources managers 16.69
Recreation and fitness workers 16.57
Special education teachers 16.55
First-line supervisors/managers of retail sales workers 16.52
Lodging managers 16.48
Machinists 16.48
Electricians 16.48
Tour and travel guides 16.13
Travel agents 16.09
Writers and authors 15.92
First-line supervisors/managers of production and operating workers 15.9
Mining machine operators 15.89
Boilermakers 15.89
Insurance sales agents 14.83
Chemical processing machine setters, operators, and tenders 14.83
Financial managers 14.77
Electrical power-line installers and repairers 14.76
Advertising and promotions managers 13.05
Preschool and kindergarten teachers 13.02
Elementary and middle school teachers 12.93
Fire inspectors 12.91
Personal financial advisors 12.89
Tellers 12.85
Judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers 12.48
Astronomers and physicists 10.71
Chief executives 9.81
Pharmacists 9.79
Environmental engineers 9.62
First-line enlisted military supervisors/managers 9.57
Signal and track switch repairers 9.41
Civil engineers 9.35
Religious workers, all other 9.35
Physicians and surgeons 9.23
Mechanical engineers 9.22
Medical scientists 9.11
Physical scientists, all other 8.79
Biomedical engineers 8.74
Legislators 8.74
First-line supervisors/managers of fire fighting and prevention workers 8.68
Engineering managers 8.52
Dentists 7.75
Farmers and ranchers 7.63
Actuaries 7.61
Chemical engineers 7.48
Conservation scientists and foresters 7.4
Nuclear engineers 7.29
Podiatrists 6.81
Sales engineers 6.61
Directors, religious activities and education 5.88
Clergy 5.61
Transit and railroad police 5.26
Optometrists 4.01

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