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More women file for divorce than men

Although the novel Fifty Shades of Grey portrays Anastasia Steele as a submissive woman, more women are ending marriages and are filing for divorce these days, proving the point that women in general, are not as submissive as men would want them to be.

In the past the majority of Plaintiffs (the party initiating divorce) in South Africa were male, these days they are in fact women.

Recent figures released by the Department of Statistics has revealed that there were more female (49,8%) than male (35,9%) plaintiffs in divorces instituted during 2010.

According to the statistics there were significant differences among population groups. Among the white population group 55,8% of the wives filed for divorce compared to 41,3% of wives among the African population group.

Even though a high proportion of the plaintiffs did not indicate the type of occupation they were engaged in at the time of divorce, the highest percentage of wives (18,9%) were in clerical and sales occupations whereas husbands (15,3%) were in managerial and administrative occupations.

Adultery has become more common with the introduction of infidelity websites such as Ashley Madison.com with their slogan “Life is short have an affair”. Years ago it was more likely men who committed adultery, but research into the behaviour of 4,000 cases of infidelity in the UK claimed that women in general are more promiscuous, having an average of 2.3 secret lovers compared to a mere 1.8 for men. The survey found that while unfaithful men have their first affair until almost six years of married life the average female cheater strays just five years after exchanging wedding vows.

Catherine Hakim, a British social scientist and bestselling author argues that a “sour and rigid English view” of infidelity is condemning millions of people to live frustrated “celibate” lives with their spouses. According to her sex is no more a moral issue than eating a good meal. This view may be a bit skew especially since her view propagates the moral decline of our society.

She attacks the traditional morality and also accuses relationship counsellors and therapists of trying to “pedal a secret agenda of enforced exclusive monogamy”. Her argument is that the rise of the internet, has brought about a change in sexual behaviour on a par with the invention of the contraceptive Pill. Adultery is now, she says, simply the “21st-century approach to marriage”.

It is a fact that children living in families with greater parental supportiveness, from both mothers and fathers and less marital conflict live healthier lives. History repeats itself many times before we really learn that values matter. Families matter, moral courage matters, honour and integrity matter. Not only for individual happiness and prosperity, but more importantly for the good and strengthening of our society. The most important cause of our lifetime must be our family.  Devoting ourselves to this cause will improve every other aspect of our lives.

Source: http://voices.news24.com/bertus-preller/2012/09/beware-men-more-women-are-suing-for-divorce-these-days/

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One thought on “More women file for divorce than men”

  1. I need help desperately please I need to know my rights regarding divorce… I am married in community of property..my husband wants a divorce..he said that I can have the car that I am currently driving he will pay the monthly installments as well the insurance… I said no ….not fair, last year Sept he applied for a job in Canada, it was approved so I sold and gave away my household furniture and clothes because I could only keep the necessary clothes because we would buy new clothes in canada… Apr last year he bought me a Kia Picanto it was delivered at my work place, I am also registered with outsurance as the principal driver…my Opel I sold in Oct last year because he said you have a car (Kia) and then we don’t have the burden of getting rid of it when we have to leave for Canada… To refer to my answer as stated above No not fair..where will I stay he said you can live with your children I said no before we got married I had my own place (rented house) I had to sell and give away my furniture , had to sell my car and all you want to give me for parting agreement is a car he said that is all that he going to give or else he will sell everything and then I won’t even have a car…so I said I will take the car and 80 000 rand to at least get a place to stay and buy some furniture etc.. He agreed to this .. But then turned around and said he is going to fight me with a lawyer and hee will see to it that I pay his costs…..he also said that his pension is his 2 son’s so I must not think of going there..I said well you will have to pay maintenance for me, he said the lawyer said that norm does not excist anymore… I am up in arms regarding this situation…we were married before and the prev time I just walked away I only asked for a dep to pay on the flat…other than that we have been together for 9 yrs moving in and out as he sees fit…especialy if there is a woman in the picture and then if his relationship does not work conveniently he just comes back into my life….as it is now at present he won’t allow me to come home…his excuse he is at work or at his father’s place etc etc my clothes is tille there …I didn’t leave the house he wanted a divorce.. Please help…

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