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No one would deny that the world has changed immensely in the past couple of years. Today we are doing almost everything on-line. We shop on-line, listen to music on-line, search on-line and make travel arrangements on-line.  The internet is growing at a phenomenal rate, especially the sector of on-line e-commerce. It is becoming the conventional method of purchasing goods and services. Businesses which fail to embrace its on-line customers will perish.

The legal services profession is one that has already fallen way behind the rest of the business fraternity. In a recent study in the United States it was found that 67% of people would definitely or probably consider performing a legal task online. If performing a legal task online, 72% of the people interviewed wanted of some level of professional involvement or support. The primary perceived benefits of online legal services are value and convenience. 51% were unaware that some legal tasks may be performed on the internet. When in need of legal services, consumers are most likely to look to the internet (46%). Around 10% had completed a legal task online and of those, 83% of those would do so again.

It is a fact that clients and customers can purchase legal document services and templates at certain stationary shops. Contemporary legal customers have an expectation of wanting everything for the cheapest possible price and in the quickest possible time. Online legal services provide instant virtual access to legal support services. The problem however is that one still need a specialist to do the quality control and to check the documents before they are delivered.

That is exactly why more and more South Africans are making use of online DIY Divorce websites and why iDivorce launched. It costs only about R1000 a fraction of what one usually pays for an uncontested divorce. The service makes South Africa’s divorce system more accessible and affordable to the general public. With people struggling to make ends meet in a volatile economic climate an online Divorce website is a definite alternative for spouses seeking an uncontested divorce.

There is a clearly an increase in Europe and the US in the number of online legal services and in the UK alone online Divorces have increased by over 50% over the past few year. Online divorce has been available in the UK since the late ’90s and it’s a growing trend in South Africa too. But this doesn’t mean you can get divorced with just a click of the mouse. Websites for online divorces handle uncontested cases only and generate the forms needed to conclude the divorce. It is therefore up to the spouses to conclude their own divorce.

Where a divorce is contested, for example where the spouses are not able to agree on how to divide their assets, it will be in their interest to rather consult an attorney who specialises in Family Law and Divorce Law.

Where the divorce is less complicated and the spouses agree on the division of their assets then using an online divorce website makes more sense.

Contact iDivorce at http://www.idivorce.co.za


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