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Download Free Family Law eBooks

Bertus Preller & Associates Inc.

Bertus Preller & Associates Inc., has made a number of eBooks freely available for download by the general public on all aspects of Family Law, Divorce and Separation. eBooks that are currently available to be downloaded for free include the following:

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Spousal and Child Maintenance
  • Marital Regimes – In Community of Property, Out of Community of Property, with or without accrual
  • Finances and Divorce
  • Emotions and Divorce
  • Harassement
  • Relocation and Child Abduction
  • Divorce and Retirement Funds
  • 60 Questions on Divorce


Further topics will follow soon.

To download these books, simply click on the download Banner below:



Brought to you by:

Bertus Preller & Associates Inc.
Unit 5, 1st Floor, 10 Pepper Street, Cape Town, 8000
Also consulting at:
Suite 102, 1st Floor, Big Bay Office Park, 16 Beach Estate Boulevard, Big Bay, Cape Town, 7441 and at 39 Plein Street, Stellenbosch, 7600.
Telephone: Cape Town Office: +27 21 422-2461, Big Bay Office: +27870735747
E-mail:  law(@)preller.co.za

Telephone: +27 21 422-2461 or +27 21 422-2573 or +27 21 422-2597
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/divorceattorneys
Twitter: @bertuspreller



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