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About Divorce Attorney Bertus Preller

Family Law and Divorce Law Attorney Bertus Preller
Family Law and Divorce Law Attorney Bertus Preller

Bertus Preller is a Family Law and Divorce Attorney and Mediator at Maurice Phillips Wisenberg, in Cape Town and has more than 25 years experience. Bertus is the author of Everyone’s Guide to Divorce and Separation, published by Random House. He has also been quoted on Family Law issues in various newspapers such as the Sunday Times and Business Times and magazines such as Noseweek, Keur, Living and Loving, Longevity, Woman and Home, Women’s Health, You, Huisgenoot and Fairlady and also appeared on the SABC television show, 3 Talk, Morning Live and on the 5FM Breakfast show with Gareth Cliff. His clients include artists, celebrities, sports people and high net worth individuals. His areas of expertise are Divorce Law, Family Law, Divorce Mediation, Parenting Plans, Parental Responsibilities and Rights, Custody (care and contact) of children, same sex marriages, unmarried fathers rights, child abduction and Hague Convention cases and domestic violence matters and international divorce law.

A: 20th Floor, 2 Long Street, Cape Town

F: 086 572 8373

C: +27 (0) 83 443 9838

E: bertus@divorceattorney.co.za

W: http://www.divorceattorney.co.za


W: http://www.familylawmediators.co.za


8 thoughts on “About Divorce Attorney Bertus Preller”

  1. I am an English single farther who moved to LA, I was never married but share a child with a girlfriend who I dated for 1 year.
    The child is now 10 years old and lives with his mother in London UK, the are both British.
    The mother is now planning on moving to Cape Town. She will be moving in with a Cape Town male resident.
    I am currently paying a substantial amount of child support we agreed on with a lawyer.
    My question is due to cost of living in CT should I consider reviewing the payments due to the reduced cost of living in CT?

  2. i was in a same sex relationship with my partner since april 2006 till aug 2011 when she left me for her new love. We became ingaged in feb 2007 but never spoke about a date for marriage. I found out that myn partner was cheating on me on email messages that she had send to the other woman. We both had access to the internet adress with passwords and permission of the other partner. I confronted the 3rd party and told her that my partner and i were in a relationship for more than 5 years and that we were engaged. Now the 3rd party is denying that she new that we were engaged. My partner also denied that we got engeged but friends can testify to that fact. We dont have a contract between us. Do i have any legal grounds against my partner and the 3rd party. I can prove that i confronted the 3rd party and copy of the message

      1. So in this case, is there no claim for breach of promise against the party who broke off the engagement?

  3. I am a divorce woman of a SADF imployer are divorce for one year. Were married in community and have court order for 50% of the pension, according to SADF they cant pay me out. What can I do as looking after my two boys with just 3000 a month for everything medical schooling housing clothing. I cant send them back to him as he is not in a state to look after them the court gave me the kids. Want to use my half of pension to pay for their schooling etc as I live in Zambia with new husband and cant get a job as must be high qualify to get works permit. What can I do please help.
    Dinah Gibbon

    1. Our authorities are not entirely clear on this point. Parents and children may have a reciprocal duty of support. It is so that it could be argued that children have a duty to support their parents and grandparents, but always subject to the rule that support must be claimed from nearer relatives first. The duty is based on filial piety. It has been stated in previous court cases that the criteria is a stringent one and more stringent than when a parent needs to support a child than the other way round.

      1. I am divorce for one year now and are must get 50% of my husband pension but the SADF dont want to give it to me I need it as just getting 3000 per month maint form ex for clothing food schooling medical cant afford my kids anymore, cant send them to him as the court gave them to me bec he is not in the state of mind to look after them I am in zambia with my new husband and for me getting work permit must be very high qualify. Please help me what can I do to use that pension money to put my kids threw school etc.

        Dinah Gibbon

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