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7 thoughts on “Contact Details”

  1. I’m desperately looking for examples of Parenting Plans, or other guidelines, or papers/findings/recommendations which deal with the amount of contact a father should have with a child of 3 and 1/2 yrs old. I have a parenting plan in place which is outdated and I am proposing a schedule for 2013 to be considered by the facilitator and the father; however I would like to be able to substantiate my recommendations (and be prepared to counter argue based on “best practice” or “on average”). My child psychologist has behaved appallingly and I have a ‘no faith’ situation.
    Any direction will be appreciated.

  2. Married with my husband for 8 and half years. I am very unhappy in my marriage due to his unfaithfulness and disrespectfulness. Has 2 children with him; aged 2 and 6. Married in community of property. I am currently on antidepressants. Was admitted for depression in 2011 and will be admitted again this week.

  3. I am a single mother of a 4 year old boy. Myself and his father were never married. We have recently split due to infidelity sine the birth of our son. Each time i go out and have my social time, which is not very often, he threatens to not drop the child home where there is 24/7 adult supervision as i live with my parents. I do not allow my son to sleep out at his fathers house due to infidelity and i do not know what females are around. His fathers house is not an environment i want my child. My son is always mentioning females.

    How ever the fathers parents are also threatening me as they as grandparents have rights over the child aswell?

  4. Hi My husband of 4 months ,I have left him due to him being abusive .we are married ANC with accruals but I have noticed that our identitiy numbers do not appear on the ANC agreement is the the ANC contract is valid as he wants divorce me . He has not supported me financially since I have left his home . He has R800 000 sasol shares and R90 000 endorment policy which he did not state in the ANC agreement can I claim 50% of that in our divorce ? Can I also made an Interim maintenance against him for financial support for myself as he earns R17000 more than me after the revelant deductions .

  5. My husband of 5 months is seeking divorce… I am a UK resident but have a South African Spousal permit. We lived in the UK and I supported him through a 3.5 year prison sentance, we agreed that he would be deported so we could both move to SA and he could have a new life(he still had another 3.5 years other wise to serve. We both arrived in the RBay in March 2011 and then married in the May in July he informed me his heart was in love with another woman. We lived together until August 2011 when he said he need his own space to sort his mind out as the prison issue was coming back to haunt him, which I understood plus he had threatened me with filing for divorce and I would be detained as had no visa to stay apart from the spousal permit. They both knew that I could sue her for breaking my marriage. I moved in with his mum and she supported me totally, we still spent time together as husband and wife and spent days and nights with him in the same bed. The other woman was a work colleague and my friend??? In Sept he told me to come back to the UK for a holiday and to visit my kids as I had given up them up aswell as my home,job and went bankrupt for him. We had continous contact via the phone and through Skype until the mid of October we were making plans for me to return to SA and join him so we could work at the issues together, when she turned up on his door as she had been thrown out of her home. She is now living with him and her daughter but we are having constant contact through bbm and emails. He knows he needs professional coucilling but says she offers that to him.
    He is saying he owes me nothing and will file for divorce on breakdown, and there is nothing I can do.
    Please can you advise as I have read all info on your site and totally confused.

  6. My wife of 5yrs is seeking divorce. We are married in COP. I was served with sommonses on Wednesday (17/08/2011). I had no signs prior to that as she always would say “I love you, blah, blah, blah). Seemingly she took confidential material from home to supply to his lawyer inter alia the pension fund number is displayed on the summonses. Here is the scenario. We have a car (+/- R 40K) registered in her name. She is unemployed and was retrenched in December 2010. Strange enough, I don’t know if she was paid any money at all. I have debt/loans (+/- R 70K), she is on my medical aid. According to the summonses I have 10 days to response, failing which she can proceed. What is each of us entitled to as to assest and liabilities? We don’t own fixed property. Can i ask a lawyer to help not contest but give him all my financial aspects or my insurance (Legalwise) to handle everything or what can be the best way. Please advise, especially in relation to division of assets. What can she get and cannot and what can i also keep. We do not have kids between us but, I have a thirteen year old daughter from previous relationship, which she swears SHE HATES.

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